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"A little click activates the senses when eroticism puts the brain to work. Long ago Eros stopped being a god damn in these Mediterranean latitudes. Paradoxically, in this corner of the map that is called Ibiza, heiress in culture and customs of the civilization that bequeathed the ancient Greeks, pleasure was always seen with suspicion, prejudice that has long been shattered. In fact, today many identify Ibiza as a paradise of eroticism and lovers of advancing a step further in their games as a couple have found on the island the perfect evening to unleash the joy without losing the way sophistication, the dart that always hides under the sleeve who was born for the art of seduction. I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN is a date impossible to replicate. His fame has been growing whispering to whispering among liberal couples around the world and is today no doubt reference and appointment among the European swinger community" SDL Magazine, August 2017.

I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN is held once a year and will coming back on August 27th 2022, with a select and closed group of guests who feel sexy on the outside and inside. Coming back with renewed illusions are the signs of identity that make it a unique eventwhere fun, eroticism and good taste are guaranteed.

In a secret location that only will be reveals 72 hours before the event and where everything is prepared in detail for maximum enjoyment of two hundred guests, with swinger couples and single girls coming from all over the world who year after year make a pilgrimage to the island of Ibiza to be part of a unique event. An event in which a team of fifty staff among organizers, artists, waiters and hostess, and with the cheerful and inclusive guest attitude, where each of us participating in I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN we bring the best of ourselves to be part and protagonist of an essential event.

The 2022 edition will repeat the scheme that has worked so well in previous editions, starting before sunset. Only one premise, the access schedule is very specific so that the atmosphere flows at the same pace for everyone.

Night club service
Night club service
Night club service
Night club service
Night club service

I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN will open the doors at 7 pm. It will be time to welcome the swinger couples and liberal women with their most elegant and sexy beach sets. They will wear hers delicate beach sets, bikinis, beach robes, one piece swim suits, sunglasses and jewelry. They will be wearing his swimsuits or jeans, long sleeved shirts gathered on the arms, sunglasses and pendants. An informal dress code but at the same time very studied and arranged. Do you know how you dress one when you go to a top Ibiza beach club that sometimes we even dress up more than to go out to a restaurant? Well, that is exactly how we wish to welcome you to this year's edition. Remember to give the best of yourselves from the beginning and you will quickly receive the best of others!

When arriving at the event location - access to the event will only be possible from 7pm to 8pm closing the doors afterwards - all the guests will wear their best beach clothes, in a hippy-chic Ibiza style. But at nightfall only the sensual lingerie should shine in its entire splendor. The rhythm of change of clothes will be marked by the hostess girls, simply follow their rhythm, when their dress gives passage to lingerie specially designed for the occasion.

To live in the first person an epic, elegant and sensual event to the rhythm of a chill-out sessions prepared especially for the occasion? The music will not be missing in the interior of the location and in the game´s zones. Music for the ears that camouflage the most intimate gasps. Should we fantasize?

Lingerie, bikinis, panties and a tank top, satin, jewels that decorate the necks complementing the lingerie that partially covers the skin, heels, layers of linen, robe, bodies ... or simply naked bodies, adorned with a few drops of perfume. Everything is worth, with the utmost respect, in an event of fun and passion, to seek primary sensations, to play as a couple or in a group and to realize your most intimate fantasies. Let yourself be carried away by the influence of a relaxed atmosphere, by that considered by the prestigious magazine of Pachá as the most successful event "in the most select liberal circles in Europe." Just feel that you are part of I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN.

August 2015:“Ibiza as the capital of hedonism and lust. Ibiza as a getaway place, where to make all your fantasies come true. Ibiza as the center of the most important festival in southern Europe. I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN returns once again to the island repeating the elements that have made it a success in the most select liberal circles in Europe.”

I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN is celebrated in a secret location on the island of Ibiza. The doors will open at 19:00 and the guests will be able to stay indoors until 3:00 in the morning. Afterwards, a small party will be held (after party) to which the staff (hostesses, artists and waiters) are invited to join. This after-party has limited access to 50 people and involves the purchase of an additional ticket that can only be purchased at the same time as the main event. The after-party will take place from 3:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m. for those people (and staff who wish to join) with an extra desire to enjoy. It is important to know that the after-party will not only be accessed by couples but also by girls and boys who have previously been part of the staff of hostess, waiters and artists of the event. It will be your moment! Because they also have the right to have fun! about I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN:

DIANDY: “What a privilege it has been to be invited to this exclusive party on Ibiza island. The organization is spectacular and the hostess offered us an exquisite and professional welcome. Beautiful men and women, beautiful artists guaranteed our entertainment and interacted with us throughout the night in the most luxurious villa, creating an pleasant atmosphere that invites you to have fun and get carried away with super attractive couples. If we have the opportunity to participate again in one of these events, we will do it without a doubt. We are ready for a new party!”.

SWINGPARIS: “The formula of the previous year in a beautiful villa has been even improved and this 2018 edition has been the best so far ... and that we have participated in the last five parties!”.

IBIZASWINGER: “After attending two editions we can say without a doubt that it is the best party of the year, year after year. A luxurious villa that is the right place, swinger couples playing around the pool or inside the villa, handsome guests, wonderful staff, good catering, beautiful hostess and lots of fun. We will go without doubt to the 2022 event”.

MARAYSET: “We really had a great time, enjoy and a lot of fun at the party. The staff was very close and friendly and everything was very clean. The right people in the right place. We would not mind repeating!”.

PAREJITAIBIZA31: “One more year we did not want to miss this party ... and every year we see that they do not stop improving. Incredible an unforgettable night. No doubt we will be there in 2022. ”.

EVERLOVE: “Perfect organization, perfect staff, perfect food, perfect music and perfect guests ... Wonderful!”.

EDYRO: “A Top Event as always!”.

COUPLELATINA1: “Very good organization and very nice party. Very pleasent atmosphere!”.

FREE685: “What a wonderful party! An amazing location, excellent staff, sexy people and lots of fun.The true essence of a party in Ibiza. We are already looking forward to next year's event”.

CASALNIT7681: “Excellent! The best party!”.

LAGUNABLU: “A very beautiful party. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to attend this party. A very elegant night and especially to highlight the beautiful swinger couples who come ”.


  • What is included in the event?

    A unique secret and elegant location on the island of Ibiza which will comfortably receive the expected two hundred open minded guests. An event for couples and selected young women who wants to live a unique and different night where eroticism and imagination fly free.

    There are two types of tickets for the main event and an additional one for the after party. Choose the one which best meets your needs!

    Standard Ticket

    The Standard Ticket which includes:
    • Access for the couple (or single woman where applicable) to the event which takes place between 19:00 and 03:00 am.
    • A commemorative bracelet.
    • Free coat-check service - you can purchase tobacco, special condoms, sex-toys, and lingerie and vitamin supplements in the coat-check area.
    • A welcome drink.
    • Open-Bar dinner time.
    • Access to cocktail and classic mojitos bar, all made individually.
    • Access to the wine, beers and soft drinks bar.
    • Access to the games´ zones.
    • Trays of condoms.
    • Bath towels.
    • Trays of relaxing oils and massage creams.

    Luxury Ticket

    The Luxury Ticket, up to a maximum of 14 couples, allows you to enjoy all the above included in the Standard Ticket as well as the following privileges:
    • Guaranteed parking.
    • Front-row access with no queuing for couples.
    • Commemorative VIP bracelet.
    • Personalized coat-check with collection and return in the reserved area.
    • Reserved VIP area beside the pool with a table and a sofa or Balinese-style bed according to availability. The potential to invite other couples to the area although the tickets for any other couples are not included.
    • Personalized hostess service throughout the night.
    • Personalized drinks waiter service to the bed or the table.
    • Cold canapés served directly to the bed or the table.
    • Hot canapés served directly to the bed or the table.
    • Free access to the after party between 03:00 and 07:00 hours.

    The After Party Ticket (number limited to 50) includes access between 03:00 and 07:00 hours. The after party is an intimate and private event for a maximum of 50 guests to which the event staff are also invited including the organizers, hostesses, artists and waiters staff. This is not a party solely for swinger couples but rather a post event ´anything can happen` party. The after party ticket should of course be purchased jointly with the ticket for the main event where available.


    Up to January 10th, 2022 or 50 first sold tickets:

    Male – female couple SOLD OUT
    STANDARD TICKET Male-Female couple where both are under 30 years by 27/08/2022 SOLD OUT
    Single women SOLD OUT
    LUXURY TICKET Male - female couples SOLD OUT
    AFTER-PARTY Couples or single women SOLD OUT

    From 11th January to 31th May 2022 or 100 first sold tickets:

    Male – female couple SOLD OUT
    STANDARD TICKET Male-Female couple where both are under 30 years by 27/08/2022 SOLD OUT
    Single women SOLD OUT
    LUXURY TICKET Male - female couples SOLD OUT
    AFTER-PARTY Couples or single women SOLD OUT

    From 1st June 2022 or until capacity is completed:

    Male – female couple SOLD OUT
    STANDARD TICKET Male-Female couple where both are under 30 years by 27/08/2022 SOLD OUT
    Single women SOLD OUT
    LUXURY TICKET Male - female couples SOLD OUT
    AFTER-PARTY Couples or single women SOLD OUT


    I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN is celebrated once more by the organizers' wish as a non-profit event in which absolutely everything collected by the tickets goes to the organization of the event itself. Who we organize I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN annually enjoys enormously doing it and we deeply wish that those who join you every year to this event enjoy as much as we do. We believe that given the level of elegance and couples that this event has, it is worth creating a unique night on the most wonderful island of the Mediterranean.

    Since I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN is celebrated non-profit, we ask you for the most up-to-date purchase of your tickets to help us organize the event, secure your place and have the proper prevision.

    As we are aware that not everyone is able to afford their tickets, this year´s budget for the event has included five pairs of tickets for five couples who are particularly pleasing. If you are not in a position to collaborate financially purchasing your tickets for this non-profit event then send us an e-mail to setting out the reason that your presence would contribute positively to its quality and elegance, your personal information and photographs of both yourself and your partner. The organizers of I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN will choose the profiles of those who are unable to purchase tickets and will make a difference to the event by their presence and finally, a random computer programmed will select the five couples who are to take advantage of this offer.


    I'M A WONDERFUL WOMAN will be held in a secret location to which only the invited couples will have access and will receive the relevant information by email 72 hours before the start of the event. The capacity of the event is two hundred individuals.


To access the site of the event, all guests are expected to wear their best hippy chic beach outfits with the relaxed style which is characteristic of the island of Ibiza. White clothes in natural fabric, beach robes, beach wraps, jewelers and necklaces in a relaxed but elegant style in keeping with the fashion of the island of Ibiza. Your primary and most effective introduction is the way in which you are dressed when you arrive at the villa where I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN is to be held and of course, hair and beards styled as well as discreet make-up.


During the hours of daylight, he should wear swimming costume or jeans, long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up, sunglasses and pendant. When the sun has gone down and the hostesses have changed into lingerie, he willwear boxer shorts as lingerie. Bare feet or elegant sandals, pendants around the neck, hair and beard neatly styled.

Night Club Event


During daylight hours, bikini, trikini or monokini, bathing suit, beach wraps, beach robes, jewellery and floral decoration should be worn... but when the sun has set and the pool lighting has come on and the hostesses have changed into lingerie then sexy panty and bra sets with a t-shirt with over the shoulder straps in satin should be worn with jewellery adorning the neck complementing the lingerie which partially covers the skin, high-heels, lingerie capes, sheer lingerie… while the more daring will show off their naked bodies adorned with the fragrance of perfume.


If you wish to register on the waiting list, you can write an email to


When and where will I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN B&L Edition be held?

The event takes place on the island of Ibiza on Saturday 22th of August 2020, a unique occasion for an exceptional party. The location is kept secret, as in previous years, and only guests will be informed of the site exactly 72 hours before the start of the event. Guests are swinger couples and single women from all over the world and with a liberal attitude. They are also polite, cosmopolitan and elegant.


What is the average age of guests?

The average age of the couples who took part in 2014, 2015,2016, 2017 and 2018 was 33 for females and 37 for males. A little more than one third are aged between 18 and 29, almost a half are in the age range of 30 to 44 and just under a third are over 45. In practice this means that whatever your age may be, at I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN you are sure to meet people of a similar age to yourself… although the most important thing is not so much the physical age but the way that everybody feels!


How should we dress?

There is a strict dress code for those attending the I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN. All guests should dress with the idea that from the moment of their arrival, their appearance will be their best form of introduction. When night falls and from the moment that the hostesses give the signal then it should be the lingerie which should stand out. Click on the section ´THEME` for more information on the dress code.



Is the dress code obligatory?

Definitely yes. The dress code forms part of the whole and is a vital part of the success of this liberal event over the years. When the event begins it is expected that guests will look their best without losing sight of the hippy chic style of the island of Ibiza and as a means of introducing themselves to other guests. From the signal given by the hostesses and when night has fallen everyone should change into glamorous lingerie.


Is it obligatory to take part in the activities?

No of course not. You are free to enjoy your own erotic experience without involving other people in your games although the majority of guests attend with a view to getting to know other people and enjoy sensual and pleasant moments. To see and be seen or to take an active part – there are no limits so long as there is mutual respect between all participants.


Might my relationship with my partner be harmed?

On the contrary to what some people might think, the vast majority of relationships are improved following their first experience.


How do we contact other couples?

In the most natural way imaginable. It is really easy for guests to make contacts and to enjoy themselves. Everyone is disposed to get to know new people. It just takes a glance, a caress or a slight touch to receive the agreement of other people or otherwise for joining in with pleasant games. If you are the type of person who waits for others to make the first approach all you need to know is that a simple ´no` on your part will always be treat as a ´no` and will be respected just as much as if it had been a ´yes`. If you are the type of person who tends to make the first move then please bear this in mind. It is really easy to make contacts and to enjoy yourself because we are all relaxed in the knowledge that our personal space will not be invaded if we don´t want it to be. The greatest respect at all time.


Do we need to make our reservations long before the date?

As the number of tickets for the event is limited, the sooner that you reserve your tickets the more certain you will be of being able to take part. Don´t forget that in previous years the tickets have all been sold and that the event is organized on a non-profit basis with all of the funds collected being spent on the organization of the event and that it is of great help to us if you buy your tickets early.

So that we don´t only ask for your support in the organization of the event by buying your tickets early, in the ´Reservation` section of this website you will see that we are also giving an incentive in the form of discounts for early purchase. In addition, all couples who are less than 30 years of age on the date of the event will have access to a discount which is of assistance to those who are not yet fully established in the labor market and will facilitate their attendance.

You are also encouraged to read the Non-profit section in the ´Tickets` section which explains the whole concept of I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN events..


Is it true that people make a special effort to get themselves fit before the event?

Of course. This is an elegant event where its participants tend to take care of themselves both outside and inside. In addition and as the couples and the single women are from different parts of the world, you will meet people with a variety of ages and features. In any case, they all take care to show themselves in the best light on an occasion like this, taking care of their dress, their makeup, hair… with an elegant appearance and taking care of yourself is always a great way of introducing yourself. Feel that you are giving the best of yourself and expect that you will receive the same from everyone else.


Are single males and females able to take part in the event?

Single females are welcome and in fact just over 5% of the participants are single women who aim to experience something different. To balance the number of single females, the organization may make personalized invitations to a number of very select single males to achieve a maximum of one single male for every two single females.


What are the possibilities of having a good time at the event?

There´s a 100% possibility so what are you waiting for?


The event is organized to take place mainly in the open air – what happens if it rains?

Although it´s true that the greater part of the event is intended to take place outdoors and that it rarely rains in August in Ibiza other than the odd minor passing storm, the villa will have some internal games areas. If it rains the event will carry on although all of the action will take place exclusively indoors even if this might mean being slightly less comfortable. In any case and as the event is organized on a non-profit basis, tickets are not returnable. All income will be used in full for the organization of the event. Any changes will be communicated to guests by e-mail in the days running up to the event which will include a change to the dress code for the early part of the event in case of bad weather or heavy rains with lingerie being retained for the second part.

If due to health recommendations such as those experienced in relation to the alerts passed by coronavirus the event had to be postponed, the tickets for this edition will be automatically valid for the following year, when the event will be scheduled as every year for the third Saturday of August. The couples who contribute to the organization of this event with their contributions are aware and accept that it is a cooperative non-profit event between open-mind couples and that everything contributed is entirely destined to the organization of the event. This fact is what allows I´M A WONDERFUL WOMAN to be such a different and special event, in which the couples that we participate in we feel at home.

As the event is organized many months in advance, the postponement due to sanitary recommendations does not necessarily imply that the couples who are in charge of the organization have not partially or fully executed the budget, so that all participating couples for the mere fact of making their contribution and reserving their place in the event expressly accept that the organizing couples may, as far as possible, transfer part of the budget already executed to the new date or, failing that, reduce as much as possible the budgetary condition that implies a postponement due to unforeseen causes. The economic contributions of the participating couples are not returnable, although in the case of postponement they can be changed in name. Only in this way, in case of postponement, an event without economic benefit and that is organized annually for the pleasure of creating together the largest swinger party in southern Europe can guarantee its continuity in case of force majeure.


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